Engine & Metal Cleaning Chemicals

Michigan is the unofficial capital of the global automotive industry. More than a century as a leading global producer of some of the best vehicles ever built ensures lots of engines are available.

Many of those engines remain viable many years after their former owners have given up on them. Industrial refurbishing and engine remanufacturing processes require clean engine blocks from which to start.

Engine Block Degreasers Enable Close Inspection and Refurbishing

Our supply of heavy-duty engine block degreasers help remove the worst of the grease and other accumulated gunk. The engine block degreasers break down the residual grease, oil, and other contaminants. And they wash away with a steady stream of water.

With the engine block free of grease and assorted gunk, it is much easier to inspect individual engine blocks. Those that are in good shape are viable for engine remanufacturing. That makes it a lot easier to obtain a like-new engine for a family car, a commercial rig, or virtually any other kind of engine.

Engine Block Cleaners Make Blocks Shine

You also can use engine block cleaners to make old engine blocks shine like new ones. Patina might be desirable on the bodies of some classic cars, but it’s not something you want on an engine.

Our available industrial-strength engine block cleaners can remove the most stubborn of mineral deposits, rust, and corrosion that might have rendered the engine useless.

Combined Engine Block Degreasers and Cleaners

If you need the best of both, we can provide you with engine block degreasers and engine block cleaners that are combined into a single industrial cleaning product. They work great on engine blocks that are not as corroded or greasy as other engines.

The combined degreasers and cleaners speed up the remanufacturing process on viable engine blocks. And they help you save money on the cost of buying and storing cleaning and degreasing products for your engine blocks.

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